Pet Odor Removal

As every pet owner may have recognized, potty training your dog or cat can take a stinky toll on your once-clean carpet. Despite our best efforts and rigorous deep cleaning, sometimes those stubborn odors and stains refuse to come out. Especially when the liquid has had time to soak into the carpet, it begins to settle and dry causing your carpet to have an uncomfortable odor. When this happens, Fresh & Clean Carpet Cleaning provides a clean solution to your stinky problem!Carpet Cleaning Service

With the assistance of our conscientious pet odor removal service, we will be able to wash and scrub out those stubborn stains and odors to bring your carpet back to its clean slate. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we will work as diligently as possible to get your odors and stains out. If we still see the stain, our work isn’t finished! We won’t leave after our stain removal process until you are satisfied. We can even provide steam cleaning once the odors have been removed, to give your carpet that fresh, comfortable look that it had when first installed.

With Fresh & Clean Carpet Cleaning you can be assured of first-rate carpet care. We strive for utmost client satisfaction. For commercial and home carpet cleaning contact us in Lake Forest, CA today!


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